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Highland Pharmaceuticals New Venture

23 Juillet 2016, 03:16

Highland Pharmaceuticals New Venture

Highland Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a manufacturer and marketer of oral and nutritional products. The company, which is based in Saint Louis, MO was founded in 2000 provides products geared towards cold and allergy treatment. Recently, Highland announced the release of their new cbd vape oil. Unlike most vapor oils, the new CBD oil is composed of 100% Vegetable Glycerin and all natural flavors instead of a mixture of Propylene Glycol. Highland will also use a Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp made right here in the United States. Yes! Right here on our own soil. While most E Juice manufacturers use an industrial form of Hemp, Highland's CBD oil will contain a much more natural version. Their Hemp Oil will be grown in Colorado, which is a leader in the United States for growing medicinal drugs.

While many consumers choose to vaporize just for the feel, others find a much more beneficial purpose. Individuals worldwide use vaping as a way to help kick their cigarette habits. Because vaping is similar to smoking, without the harmful chemicals, it is easier for a previous smoker to transition from a cigarette every few hours to a few puffs of a vapor. With CBD being composed of all natural ingredients, vapors can puff in ease knowing that they aren't inhaling such harmful chemicals. All oils are infused with organic plant compounds and must be stored in a container that is able to handle the rich compounds that CBD E Liquid contains. CBD is also known for reducing symptoms associated with cancer, fibromyalgia, epilepsy and chronic pain. Customers worldwide have praised CBD for its quality and healing effects. So, who's ready for some safe, home grown vaping?


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